The Mischievous Dog

Having a well behaved dog doesn’t have to be a struggle. The Mischievous Dog will help you communicate better with your dog to get what you want. We use positive reinforcement to get the dog to want to do what you want. Everybody wins! We like to show you how to have fun and enjoy your pup, all while training them to live the life you wanted with them.

What we can help you with:

Got crazy Puppy Antics?!

Biting, chewing, potty training, obedience. Big or Small, we’ve seen it and worked with it!

We love puppies!

Have a dog that pulls too hard on leash and doesn’t listen?

Want a dog that comes when you call him?

Protective of you or their things?

Barking, Lunging, Growling at you, your friends, your neighbors?

Does your pup fight you on nail trims and baths?

Want a smarty pants? We can teach your pup tricks and fun games to show off at family parties!

We can develop a plan that works for you. Ask us today!


The Mischievous Dog is Certified, Licensed and Fully Insured.