“Lysa is one of the most compassionate trainers I know. My dog, who most would consider a special flower, flourished under her guidance and direction. Lysa understand dogs so well that she is able to teach them in a way that’s most comfortable for them. Dogs thrive under her training and their confidence shows through their performance. Coming from a dog training background myself, I am also impressed with Lysa’s ability to understand each person’s training strengths to help them train their dog to their full potential.” ~ Colleen M.


“My dog Sargeant loves Lysa and has so much fun in Agility!” ~Bram F.


“My dog, Zoom, and I were so lucky to have found Lysa as our trainer. Her abilities as a dog trainer are matched by her ability to communicate with and teach the owners. Without her being able to understand exactly what my ‘”slightly” skittish dog needed from me and being able to tell me how to give that to him, we would never have been able to reach the level we are at now. Her love of dogs and of teaching and training is obvious. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great trainer.” ~ Kathy H.


“There are so many wonderful qualities about Lysa and her ability to utilize them that my first attempt at writing this quickly turned into a mini-novel. I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Lysa has been an amazing source of knowledge, support and strength for Khilo and I for nearly five years. I will forever remember the first time I met her. I was struggling to get my very happy puppy to pay any kind of attention to me in puppy kindergarten. Without hesitation Lysa came over, sat right down on the ground in front of us and offered some pointers, not a magic fix but solid advice. Right away I was touched by her genuine compassion. Throughout the years that followed she has helped Khilo and I with everything from his lack of self-confidence to conditioning after his many surgeries, even bringing her own pup along so he could have a playmate. To say she has gone above and beyond for us would without a doubt be an understatement. Lysa has a true gift for training that is equally matched by her passion to help.” ~ Jennifer P. and Khilo