Welcome to The Mischievous Dog!

Welcome to The Mischievous Dog where not all dogs are mischievous.  Most are just misunderstood and need guidance. That’s where we come in!!

We are here to help train your dog to be their best. 

The Mischievous Dog uses Positive Reinforcement to train dogs.  We work with rewards (food, toys, freedom) so that your dog wants to do what we want them to. Everybody Wins!

Often times management of unwanted behavior comes in to play as well. The trainers at the Mischievous dog are here to help you set up the best plan for you and your dog.  No two situations are alike and we love coming up with a specialized plan that works just for you.

Contact us today for information on what we can do for you.  info@themischievousdog.com

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Happy Training! ~ Lysa